Ministry of Human Resource Development
Department of School Education and literacy
Government of India

(Affiliation Code 8527 / 840027)
(School Code - 06483)

Sports day on 09/01/2018 (Tuesday) | Annual Day on 10/01/2018 ( Wednesday)|



"Alumni association is functioning effectively in the Vidyalaya since 2010 with a view to record the 'Social Values' our end products (Ex-Navodians) have achieved The society has got every right to know the 'output' it has received particularly when it is sparing so much for JNV's in the form of men and materials".

Objectives of JNV Alumni Association:

• To create a stage to get together.
• To initiate integration among all different JNV's
• To motivate youngsters by exploring and guiding them to excellent awareness.
• To honor and support the successive alumni.
• To give feed back to our schools.
• To expose JNV children to present competitive world by exposing them to different avenues - ( UPSC, Scientists, I.A.S, PhD's etc)

Activities of Alumni:

• Donating books to the library.
• Sponsoring the educational expenditure of the poor students.
• Conducting Guidance program for X to XII students.
• Helping the students for the placement.
• Acting as a support for progress of JNV's and maintain the relation.