A unique program which aims at educating children about their growing age, physiological-psychological changes and concerns, handling stress , developing self confidence, self respect and respecting opposite gender.

Objective of A.E.P

  1. Give authentic information on physical and psychological changes, prevention of AIDS, STD and smoking.
  2. Developing abilities and skills in students to protect them from risky situations, e.g. thinking skills, self-awareness, interpersonal relationship, communication and negotiation skills, problem solving and decision making etc.
  3. Develop mutual respect among boys and girls.
  4. Promoting responsible behavior for sound health.
  5. Develop ability among them to manage examination related stress, anxiety and personal problems among themselves.
  6. Promote among the young students a healthy and responsible life-style and share their concern on all such matters among themselves.

Activities related to A.E.P

  1. Collection of primary data from students concerning adolescence through questionnaires.
  2. Meeting with the parents to know the areas of interests and concerns of their wards.
  3. Organizing lectures and interaction sessions.
  4. Making posters and models.
  5. Organizing awareness campaigns.
  6. Inviting doctors and counselors to answer the queries of children regarding health and various aspects of adolescence.
  7. Conducting tests (questionnaire method) to judge the extent of learning about the program.