One of the aims of Navodaya Vidyalyas (i.e. providing quality education) is ensured through Art in Education Programme by linking community and the school. Art in Education Programme is being introduced in NVS w.e.f. 1993. Different facets of Traditional and Contemporary Arts of Community are introduced as a part of activities. In addition to developing values of national Integration, students are trained and taught different art forms.

Objectives of Art in Education in NVS:-

  1. Inculcation of time tested and enduring universal values.
  2. Community integration through Arts.
  3. Exploring the community environment, local history, geography and tradition for over all social perspective and preservation of community heritage.
  4. Providing opportunities through Art in Education which acts as a catalyst for Social and National Development.

The following activities have been conducted in academic year:

  1. Beautification of the Campus
  2. Terracotta Models
  3. Paper Cuttings
  4. Preparation of Banners/Posters/paintings
  5. Providing help to other departments
  6. Conducting Art Examination of various Organizations
  7. Conducting Art Competitions
  8. Sending talented students for District level competitions

Levels of Implementing Art in Education

  1. Vidyalaya level

Theme of Art in Education

  1. Every year a theme related to value Education through Art is identified the related them