The folk songs presented by migrated and local students of class IX of JNV Mysore

The class Ix students of JNV Mysore including the migrated students from JNV kaushambi, Allahabad, UP presented the folk songs of Karnataka as well as of Uttar Pradesh on 27 of July 2018.The students who came from the JamshadNavodayaVidyalayaof kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh presented the folk songs of the district. This gave the students of JawaharNavodayaVidyalaya of Mysore an exposureto the culture and folk tradition of Uttar Pradesh. The students of Class IX including the students from Hindi region practiced and presented a kannada folk song ,”ChellitharuMallikayaa”

Each and every district of Uttar Pradesh is having unique music traditions. The folk music of Uttar Pradesh is songs for every mood and every occasion. They are sung during various collective social occasions and to ease the tediousness of the labour and to make them more enjoyable. The folk songs of up include sohar, kaharwa and chanayni. Karnataka has a rich tradition of folk songs or janapadageethe, the subject of these folk songs could be parental love for their children, the suffering of a married woman under her mother in law, pure love songs etc.